success productivity tipsEver notice some people excel regardless of their circumstances? Could it be they are more intelligent? Do they work twice as hard as everyone else?

Why is it that you can compare two people with very similar backgrounds and education and one barely makes enough to eek out a living while the other overachieves?

The answer isn’t that one has a higher IQ or necessarily works any harder. The answer is that one person understands what it takes to be successful and more productive and applies those principles while the other doesn’t.

By applying these same principles, you too can excel and become more successful.


43 Success And Productivity Tips

1. Time – Stop thinking about time as an unlimited resource. You only have so many hours in a day…and in a lifetime for that matter. Start thinking about where you are spending any wasted time. Stop checking email and stop getting on social media every half hour.

2. Distractions – Eliminate ALL distractions while you are working.

3. Problems – Face problems head on instead of letting the problem fester and become worse over time.

4. Learn – Always strive to learn whether it’s through watching, listening or learning from others… taking classes in college… or trying new things to gain experience.

5. Change – Accept change. No one goes through life without the world or the situations in their life changing. Think back at all the changes you’ve had in your life so far. Would you have done anything differently? Now going forward, if that same situation arises, you will know how to deal with it. Embrace change because oftentimes it’s for the better.

6. Flip The Switch – Successful people know when it’s time to work, they work. And when it’s time to relax, they relax. They don’t intermingle the two.

7. Risks – Successful people take calculated risks. They don’t tackle a situation without first thinking about the best way to approach it and seeing the outcome beforehand.

8. Communication – Always work toward being a better communicator. Think before you speak. Be clear and concise.

9. Create Opportunity – Luck favors the prepared and successful people realize that in order to be successful it is up to them to make it happen. Successful people realize that very few people are winning the lottery. They don’t rely on their success on being up to chance.

10.Goals – Set goals…then work backward through the steps of how to achieve that goal. By breaking the goal down into steps, the goal will be achievable. Focus intensely on the step you are currently working on to complete it and before you realize, your goal will be reached. Make your goals specific, measurable and attainable. Create mini-deadlines for reaching your goal.

11.Complaining – Complaining does nothing to make the situation better. All complaining does is make the complainer appear to be a whiner and destroys morale. Complaining is negative! Instead of complaining about the problem, work toward a solution.

12.Blaming – There’s no point in blaming others. If you’re broke it’s because of the decisions you’ve made. It’s up to you to better the situation you are in. The good thing is that you can make decisions to improve your situation. Think about how many millionaires have lost everything and then became millionaires again. They didn’t blame everyone else for their problems. They simply got down to it and rebuilt their net worth again.

13.Association – Associate yourself with people that have the same interest as you. Associate yourself with like minded people. If you hang around criminals, eventually you will become one. Conversely, if you hang around successful people, eventually you will be successful also (provided you do the work).

14.Productivity – Don’t confuse activity with productivity. Measure the results to see if it’s had a positive impact toward reaching your goal.

15.Giving – Successful people are very generous. Most aren’t scrooges like you see on television. They give to charities and help people that are less fortunate. Money isn’t the only way of giving. You can give your time or knowledge to help others as well. The more you give, the more you will receive…but always give out of the kindness of your heart and not because you expect something in return.

16.Opportunity – Successful people see opportunities where others see a problem. They turn obstacles into successes.

17.Comfort Zone – Successful people frequently get out of their comfort zone. It takes pressure to make a diamond and that’s exactly what you are… a diamond in the rough.

18.Ambition – Successful people have ambition. They aren’t comfortable sitting on the couch every day watching television. They want a better life. I heard it said once that most people are dead by age 40… they just don’t bury them until 65.

Ray Kroc was 52 when he started his first McDonald’s. Regardless of your age, you can do something to make a positive difference in your life.

19.Proactive – Be proactive instead of reactive. Take charge of the situation. Start controlling your life instead of letting it control you.

20.Exceptional – When doing anything and everything, be exceptional! Don’t settle for anything less. Most people only do the bare minimum. It doesn’t take much to beat that!

21.Values – Be ethical! Don’t lie and cheat. Having good core values attract people that know they can trust you.

22.Procrastination – Don’t wait around for the right time to happen. Most likely it won’t. If you know it needs done…do it. Remember the old sneakers slogan… Just Do It!

23.Innovate – Don’t imitate what everyone else is doing. Think outside of the box and be an innovator. Observe the masses and do the opposite.

24.Initiative – Don’t be lazy and wait for someone to tell you what needs done. More than likely you already know. Get busy doing it and people will take notice and in turn follow your lead.

25.Identity – Successful people understand that their work is not their identity. They understand their work is only their career and that their identity is who they are as a person, not how they make money or how much money they have.

26.Information – Successful people aren’t afraid to ask questions to understand the problem they are facing so they can work toward a solution.

27.Criticism – Successful people can handle constructive criticism because they know it will only make them better.

28.Mistakes – Successful people acknowledge mistakes. They aren’t afraid to say they’ve made a mistake. And when others make a mistake, they don’t ridicule that person or belittle them.

29.Delegate – When possible, delegate the tasks to speed up the process. But don’t sacrifice speed for quality.

30.Worry – Don’t spend energy worrying about things you have no control of. 99% of the time, it won’t happen anyway, so why worry about it.

31.Giving Up – If you are on the right path, don’t ever give up. Success could be just around the corner…a step or two away. One thing is certain. If you give up, you are guaranteed not to succeed.

32.Interference – Everyone who has achieved greatness had people telling them that they were wasting their time…that they were crazy….that their friends second cousins brother in laws sister tried it and it didn’t work so it won’t work for you either. Don’t let your success be determined by other people’s negativity.

33.Be Humble – No one is successful on their own. Acknowledge those who have helped you. Let them be in the limelight.

34.Follow Through – Successful people start a project AND they finish the project. They don’t start something then never return.

35.Failure – Don’t accept failure. Don’t chalk it up to bad luck. Understand that there may be some setbacks along the way but keep striving forward. You may have to readjust the path to reach your goal but eventually you will reach it.

36.Raising The Bar – Set higher standards of excellence for yourself. Raise your commitment level. Deliver a higher quality of work.

37.Examples – Successful people lead by example. They walk the walk. Their actions speak louder than their words.

38.Emotions – Keep emotions in check. Don’t be an emotional roller coaster. When things look bad, it’s never as bad as it seems.

39.Optimism – Strive to find the good in all things.

40.Fear – Even successful people have fears. The difference is that they have fought through their fears so their fears don’t control them. Even the bravest of the brave during times of war were afraid but they overcame their fear for the greater good.

41.Abilities – Most successful people will tell you that they weren’t the smartest in the group. They just know how to maximize the talents they have and the others around them. Then they built upon each smaller success until it became a bigger success.

42.Habits – Change bad habits into good habits. I wrote a good article on eliminating bad habits here on my blog if you’d like to check it out.

43.Thoughts – Eliminate all negative thoughts. When a negative thought occurs, think of something positive. In time, you will begin to see things in a different light because the negativity won’t be there to cloud your judgment.

Hopefully you will implement these productivity and success tips to take charge of your life.

Change is often difficult but definitely worth the effort.

Try to implement one of these tips every day and continue using them on your journey. I believe you have what it takes!

Take action!


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