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easy video suite  With the advent of technology, the online marketplace has expanded enormously becoming the most efficient marketing place of all time. With millions of users worldwide, the internet has created a platform where businesses can market their products inexpensively and also be sure of reaching the maximum number of clients.

Making use of the latest tools to reap the benefits of online marketing cannot be overemphasized.  It directly relates to the traffic your advertising campaigns will generate. You want to capture and entertain your audience while at the same time ensure your message is delivered.

As an internet marketer, you know the value of great software for your business.

Easy Video Suite definitely captures every online marketer’s needs and delivers it on a silver platter. It’s definitely a game changer and undoubtedly one of the best video marketing tools ever developed.

Designed by Josh Bartlett, Easy Video Suite is an all in one video marketing tool that records, edits, adds timed events, has pre-made templates, live stats, automatically converts video formats and much more that will help you easily create outstanding presentations.

Easy Video Suite comes packed with an array of features aimed at making your video marketing campaigns nothing short of awe aspiring.

Here are some features that have made this tool the game changer in video marketing:

  • Video Recording

As with any video software, this is where it all starts. You can record basic webcam or screen capture videos within seconds to put online. While I wouldn’t compare it to the capabilities of Camtasia  on the video creation side, I would say that it’s great for making quick videos for your Youtube campaigns. But Easy Video Suite goes waaaaay beyond simply creating videos…..

  • Drag and Drop Feature

Easy Video Suite offers a drag and drop dashboard which is bound to make your workload easier and far more efficient.

  • Playlists Creation

This is a feature that you will find very beneficial.  You can  create video playlists easily with the drag and drop editor.  You can select videos to play in the order you want or the entire video list.

  • Adding Call To Action Buttons

You have the option to embed “buy now” buttons, CTA’s and optin forms directly in your video.

  • Timed Events

If you want to capture your audience, this is one feature that will come in handy for you. You can create timed events around your videos which will serve to not only captivate but also engage your audience which is after all, the primary goal. Say for instance your customer is watching your sales video and you want them to see all the features of your product before clicking on a “Buy It Now”  button.  With Easy Video Suite, you determine when your “Buy It Now” buttons and optin forms appear.

  • Countdown Timers

Let your viewers know when your offer ends by adding a countdown timer.  Adding a countdown timer is as simple as drag and drop with Easy Video Suite.

  • Social Sharing

Again, adding social buttons is as easy as drag and drop.

  • Skins

You have numerous skins to select from to personalize your videos for extra pizzazz.

  • Video Conversion

Converting your videos won’t be a problem anymore. Your videos are automatically converted to the format your viewer needs. Whether your viewer is watching on a laptop, desktop or mobile device, one click and Easy Video Suite has your video converted to the format that’s needed.  Anyone that deals with a lot of videos knows how this one feature alone is worth its weight in gold.

  • SEO Feature

Making a great video is one thing but getting traffic to it is another. You want your video to get as many views as possible and that can be achieved with the search engine optimization (SEO) feature that ensures your video will rank high in the search engines.

  • Analytics

Do you want to know how your video campaigns are doing?  Easy Video Suite offers advanced, live, accurate video marketing analytics which will come in handy for checking your video’s performance.

  • Split Testing

With Easy Video Suite, you can easily set performance goals, create video split tests and track results in a matter of seconds. As Easy Video Suite analyzes your videos, it will automatically play the video that is converting the best which will put more money in your pocket!

  • S3 Integration

The software is also designed to seamlessly work with Amazon S3 to host your videos.

  • Security

When using Easy Video Suite, you can easily secure the embedded code, your video’s URL and more making this one of the most secure video marketing tools ever.

With the above features in mind, every internet marketer will agree that Easy Video Suite is superior to nearly all other video software available.

What is the key benefit you will have using this software for your video campaigns?

You will have an all in one toolbox for creating your videos, creating your pages, optimizing (SEO), analytics and a plethora of other features that is simple to use right at your fingertips.

Easy Video Suite is designed to not only make your work easier but also quicker and more effective.

Easy Video Suite has carved out its niche in video marketing as one of the best, intuitive and innovative tools!

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