Oftentimes, I find it’s easy to get distracted online. I’ll have a project in mind and begin working on it. Then as I am working, I’ll jump to another page to research something and before I know it, I am 8-10 pages down the road reading something that has nothing to do with what I was originally working on. I’ve taken a detour on the information superhighway.

Anyone else relate to that? Just like driving a car, it helps to have a “road map”.

It’s not set in stone but here’s my little road map for when I am working online.

1. Prior to beginning my project, I like to write down:

  • What my project is
  • What I want to convey to the reader
  • What I hope to accomplish
  • How I am going to accomplish it

2. As I am working on my project:

  • Remind myself of the end goal
  • Ask myself, “Am I conveying value to the reader”
  • What resources I need to use
  • Remember not to get distracted

3. At project completion:

  • Proofread to check for grammar and if the material I created actually makes sense and is easy to follow
  • Ask myself, “Did I help the reader?”

That’s pretty much it. Sometimes it will vary but overall the main theme is to create value that is helpful to the end-user and to explain it in a way that is easy to understand for everyone without getting distracted while doing it.

Podcast Here: Detour On The Information Superhighway

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